The silent rangehood

Schweigen Rangehoods

This revolutionary product starts with a German fan and motor assembly, one acknowledged as the quietest and most efficient high-powered domestic extraction unit available. But even the quietest motors and fans still generate noise. So placing them close to your ear while you're cooking isn't logical. Schweigen's patented solution is to take the fan and motor out of the canopy and move them both as far away as possible.

A unique housing with an exclusive anti-water intrusion system allows the fan and motor to be fixed to the roof, under the eaves or to an external wall.

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Schweigen Rangehood
"Guests don't have to hear a jet engine in my kitchen."

- Simon Gault on the Undermount unit

Motor mounting options

Schweigen Roof Mount

Roof Mount

Schweigen Soffit Mount

Soffit Mount

Schweigen Wall Mount

Wall Mount

Schweigen Motor

Quietly Efficient

The unique isolated drive system requires less power than conventional systems. It vents directly into atmosphere and because air is pulled through the system rather than pushed through it, there's much less resistance to the airflow. This means that, while ordinary systems use about 180 watts or more, the super efficient ISO Drive system runs on just 62 watts... more>>